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The 4x4 Principles (P's) to Leadership Success - Calvin Yeo

If we study past leaders and their principles of success, you will realized that there are certain principles which successful leaders abide to. Some of these principles can be attributed to certain behaviours, traits or habits.

I for one am very interested in what makes a leader successful during his/her time. What makes them extraordinary? What makes them special?
After years of studies and research, I have devised a simple 4x4 P's principles that attributes to the vast majority of leaders success formula. They are:

1) Plan Purposefully
2) Prepare Painstakingly
3) Proceed Positively
4) Persevere Persistently

Let me clarify, that my research is based on observations and one-on-one interviews.
These findings are not totally exhaustive and may differ with other research based findings. But generally the 4x4 principles fits the majority traits of leaders.

All great leaders have a vision. It is from this vision that they start to exhibit their personal traits that leads to them believing in certain principles that drives them to success. The first of these principles would be them being able to (1) Plan Purposefully. Being able to plan with purpose is the beginning of any success. There is a plan, which is important. And there is a purpose in the plan, which is the rock solid foundation of any successful leader. We will all agree that the "why" is fuel that will drive any vision to success.
(2) Prepare Painstakingly. As a metaphor, many like eating cakes. But how many likes to prepare them. Not many, right? That is why leaders are few and followers are aplenty.

Great leaders thrive on preparation. They want to practice till they get it right. They want to ensure that when it comes to the actual performance it is flawless. Now when I say preparation, it does not mean the leader does everything him/herself. I mean the leader would have delegated tasks to ensure preparation is top notch. That is what top leaders do.

Catch an top athlete and they will tell you the preparation is the one that they dread, but it is the single most determinant that ensures an athlete succeed.
(3) Proceed Positively. There is something that we all will admire great leaders. It can be their aura, their charisma and their energy. They usually inspire positivity.

But how do you want know if a leader is great? It is not when things are going well and everyone is earning their superlative bonuses. It is when trouble is on the horizon and the organization may be in trouble. There may be cuts in salaries and lost of jobs. That is usually when we will see the true colours of leaders.

Great leaders exudes positiveness during times of troubles while poor leaders exudes negativity.
Finally (4) Persevere Persistently. There is also something about great leaders that we all will admire. It is their ability to persevere with persistence. In fact their personality demands it. They will never take "no" for an answer. Sometimes even in the face of defeat, great leaders do not relent. The very fighting spirit is what you admire them for.

There may be other principles that examplifies a great leader, but none more so than the 4x4 principles as explain here.
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